Partnership Fitness

Why Fitness? 

Why is there an emphasis on fitness in the "Partnership Health Center"? 

The Partnership Health Center name highlights Integrity Health's belief that wellness is best promoted in partnership--- a partnership of employer and employee with medical and fitness professionals.  It reflects the commitment of those who use the facility to pursue healthy lives. Employees want wellness for their own sake as well as for their families. Employers want well employees who can focus on their important work. And medical professionals want the satisfaction of aiding those who need their healing aid. But what about the fitness professionals? Why are fitness counselors part of the Partnership?

Partnership Health Center includes both medical and fitness services. Through a partnership of medical treatment and prevention, Integrity Health addresses what we believe is a weakness in most employee health benefit plans. Fitness counseling and personalized fitness programs have usually been addressed as an afterthought, perhaps as a discount on a gym membership--nice, but an unnecessary component of health benefits. Unless some rehabilitative program would be required as follow-up to medical treatment, fitness has most often been relegated to the "elective" part of the curriculum. We think this relative obscurity of fitness is a mistake.

Although use of the Partnership Health Center is always optional, we are determined to present fitness as an integral part of wellness.  Not just recreation for "someday" but part of the core curriculum of health. When members enter Partnership Health Center, we want them to see both parts of the facility--the fitness counseling office as well as the doctors and nurses.

We believe that a personalized fitness program--at whatever level of sophistication or development is a necessary component of maintaining health. If a health program doesn't have wellness and prevention at its root, it is nothing more than a sick plan--repairing what goes wrong with us when we are sick. Integrity Health has developed the Partnership Health Center concept to give members a place in which members can work with professionals to implement their personal health and fitness plans.  The days of leaving a doctor's office with good intentions  but not knowing how or where to follow-up  on advice about nutrition and exercise are gone. Partnership Health Center is here and its services are yours for the asking!

The Path to Wellness

Smart phones. Email. Drive-through windows.  With every new convenience, we move our bodies less and less.  We now sit for such long periods of time, studies show that when we  stand, we tend to hunch forward, resembling our evolutionary ancestors. 

The result? New aches and pains and an increase in lifestyle- induced diseases, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type II diabetes.  We take powerful medications to control these diseases and our health suffers.

The good news is this: We can turn back the clock! At almost any age, we can begin to restore our health and achieve fitness. 

The best place to start that process is at the Partnership Health Center. We want to give you the tools you need to feel good and stay healthy.  We can put you on the path to wellness.

The Partnership Health Center is now offering medical screenings and fitness evaluations.  These services work together to get you moving and reduce your aches, pains and waistline.   

We are now creating small group classes in which you can learn how to exercise properly and add movement to your life. You’ll learn how to decrease your blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.  We will guide you through a healthy eating plan, exercise programming, and provide wellness education. 

How do we do it? We use the Functional Movement Screen to identify muscle imbalances and develop an exercise program to address them.  We increase your core strength and your body awareness to decrease your aches and pains. 

The Functional Movement Screen is a series of seven exaggerated daily movements.  We test the overhead squat (standing up from a chair), in line lunge (getting off the floor), shoulder mobility (reaching to scratch your back), hurdle step (walking pattern), active straight leg raise (touching your toes), rotary stability (reaching back to get something from the back seat while in the front seat) and trunk stability (pushing yourself up from your stomach to get out of bed). 

From there, we create a unique exercise progression for you. Then we help you gain greater range of motion in your joints.  And soon you begin to notice: Fewer aches and pains! 

Exercise and healthy eating are the keys to improving your quality of life, and the Partnership Health Center can show you how to achieve both. Let us help you transform your life.